My name is Masha. I am a tattoo artist and visual designer based in Geel, Belgium. 

When I am not tattooing I create illustrations, apparel prints, visual identities and support for small businesses, design for events, and good old social media promotion. All things design!

my work


I love tattooing cute and fun creatures, animals, positive messages, flora and fauna.


My passion is designing for events (t-shirts, posters, promotions), product design, visual identities and social media visual support for small businesses. 

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why Easy Monday?

Everybody hate Mondays. So did I. One day I thought I have to switch the attitude. I will face this monster and embrace it with love. Yes. You, Monday, will be my favourite day.  No stress, no anxiety. Only good vibes.

This concept sticked with me and spread on other parts of my life. Just do it Easy Monday.